About Our Company

VA Date Nite is an organization that was created to provide social events for locals looking to find any type of relationship. Our events allow people to meet new people and make lasting connections, friendships or business networking.

Our social events are an organized way to meet singles with no awkwardness or added pressure, just fun. Our events make it easy to mix, mingle and perhaps change your status from single to in relationship.

What is Speed Dating

Speed Dating is a different way to meet like minded people with the same intentions and goals. You'll get to go on 10 or more 4 minute dates to get to know each other better. Our events take place at restaurants, bars and lounges.

How it works:
  • First, there is an icebreaker to get the daters relaxed and comfortable with meeting new people. Trust us, after the icebreaker is completed you'll feel like you've known everybody for more than just an hour.
  • Next, the speed dating begins with the ladies remaining stationary and gentlemen rotating at the sound of the bell. Each date will last for 4 minute then the bell rings to signal the switch and start of the next date.
  • At the end of the event, you'll fill out an instant connection form with your top 5 connections. These are the people you would like to know more about. Within 24hrs, we email your top 5 connections your contact information. Then it's up to you to make the next move.
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